Extraction of movable oil from shale by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction

Mar. 30,2021
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Shale oil has been regarded by more and more people as the ballast stone of energy security in China in the future. However, because lacustrine shale oil in China has the characteristics of low gas / oil ratio, high viscosity and poor mobility, it is very difficult to develop shale oil. In what way can more shale oil be developed? This is the focus of everyone's attention.

WANG Qiang, LI Zhiming and QIAN Menhui et al. (State key Laboratory of Shale Oil and Gas enrichment Mechanism and effective Development, Wuxi Institute of Petroleum Geology, Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute) took the advantage of supercritical carbon dioxide, to develop the technology and experimental equipment of “supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of shale movable oil”. The characteristics of movable oil extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide under different fluid pressure and different huff and puff time at formation temperature were studied. The results show that under the condition of formation temperature, the greater the fluid pressure and the longer the extraction time, the more shale oil can be extracted.

Relevant research results were published in the fourth issue of the journal “Petroleum Geology & Experiment” in 2020, and the bilingual version is now online.

Corresponding Author: WANG Qiang
Email: wangqiang.syky@sinopec.com
CNKI Press Officer: LI Jingjing YANG Na
Email: ljj6806@cnki.net yn6791@cnki.net

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