For the tribe: the study on the collective game behavior and the players’ public participation

Jul. 21,2020
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As a kind of entertainment media, online games could eliminate the gamers’ public participation; but the players’ interaction and collective game behavior could also endow them with the possibility of public participation. Through the questionnaire survey and in-depth interview, this paper tries to explore whether the collective game behavior in online games interconnects with the players’ public participation, and further analyze whether the internal mechanism could be mediated by the players’ group identity and offline contact. According to the findings, the players’ collective game behavior could promote the belief in public participation. However, the collective game behavior itself could not induce the public participatory behavior directly, which has to draw support from the mediation of players’ group identity and offline contact. This indicates that online games do not have the effect of stimulating the players to involve in public life directly, but the effect could be realized through constructing a social relationship network which is stable and connected to real life.

Corresponding Author: ZHONG Zhijin
CNKI Press Officer: LI Jingjing YANG Na

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