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  • China Journal of Highway and Transport

    Sponsor(s): China Highway & Transportation Society


    CN: 61-1313/U

    Current Issue: Issue 01, 2021

    Total Downloads:444

  • Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering

    Sponsor(s): China Society for Rocket Mechanics


    CN: 42-1397/O3

    Current Issue: Issue 12, 2019

    Total Downloads:324

  • Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument

    Sponsor(s): China Instrument and Control Society


    CN: 11-2179/TH

    Current Issue: Issue 07, 2020

    Total Downloads:378

  • Chinese Journal of Ship Research

    Sponsor(s): China Ship Development and Design Center


    CN: 42-1755/TJ

    Current Issue: Issue 02, 2021

    Total Downloads:118

  • Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Dynamics

    Sponsor(s): Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and Institute of Engineering Mechanics, CEA


    CN: 23-1157/P

    Current Issue: Issue 04, 2019

    Total Downloads:321

  • Electric Power

    Sponsor(s): Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering; State Grid Energy Research Institute


    CN: 11-3265/TM

    Current Issue: Issue 10, 2019

    Total Downloads:40

  • High Voltage Engineering

    Sponsor(s): NationalCenterfor High Voltage Measurement; Chinese Society For Electrical Engineering


    CN: 42-1239/TM

    Current Issue: Issue 12, 2019

    Total Downloads:57

  • Journal of Aeronautical Materials

    Sponsor(s): Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA); AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (BIAM)


    CN: 11-3159/V

    Current Issue: Issue 06, 2019

    Total Downloads:222

  • Journal of Building Structures

    Sponsor(s): Architectural Society of China


    CN: 11-1931/TU

    Current Issue: Issue 02, 2021

    Total Downloads:94

  • Journal of Mechanical Engineering

    Sponsor(s): Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society


    CN: 11-2187/TH

    Current Issue: Issue 20, 2019

    Total Downloads:130

  • Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering

    Sponsor(s): Chang’an University


    CN: 61-1369/U

    Current Issue: Issue 06, 2020

    Total Downloads:18

  • Optics and Precision Engineering

    Sponsor(s): Changchun Institute of Optics,Fine Mehcanics and Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences 、China Instrument and Control Society


    CN: 22-1198/TH

    Current Issue: Issue 11, 2019

    Total Downloads:87

  • Power System Technology

    Sponsor(s): State Grid Corporation of China


    CN: 11-2410/TM

    Current Issue: Issue 12, 2019

    Total Downloads:63

  • Proceedings of the CSEE

    Sponsor(s): Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering


    CN: 11-2107/TM

    Current Issue: Issue 16, 2019

    Total Downloads:497

  • Rock and Soil Mechanics

    Sponsor(s): Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


    CN: 42-1199/O3

    Current Issue: Issue 12, 2019

    Total Downloads:214

  • South-to-North Water Transfers and Water Science & Technology

    Sponsor(s): Hebei Institute of water Science


    CN: 13-1430/TV

    Current Issue: Issue 01, 2021

    Total Downloads:11

  • Tunnel Construction

    Sponsor(s): China Railway Tunnel Consultants Co.,Ltd.


    CN: 44-1745/U

    Current Issue: Issue 02, 2021

    Total Downloads:40

  • Urban Transport of China

    Sponsor(s): China Academic of Urban Planning & Design


    CN: 11-5141/U

    Current Issue: Issue 06, 2020

    Total Downloads:69