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Chinese Rural Economy
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Sponsor(s):Rural Development Institute Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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Value proposition, value creation, value sharing and dynamic evolution of agricultural industrial ecosystem: a case study of Deqingyuan Highlights

LIU Gang;ZHANG Lingran;YIN Jianlin

Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 07

The change of “two-field system” of agricultural reclamation and the reconstruction of agricultural land rights system: a comparative perspective of state-owned and collective agricultural land Highlights

GAO Hai;LI Hongmei

Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 06

Success or failure? The evolution of agricultural knowledge and innovation system in the EU countries and its implications for China Highlights


Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 07

The mechanism between rural e-commerce industry agglomeration and regional economic development in the context of rural revitalization: a multi-case study based on the life cycle theory of industrial clusters Highlights

MEI Yan;JIANG Yuqing

Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 06

How can the Internet information technology application alleviate rural residents’ risk averse attitudes?—Analysis based on the microdata of China Family Panel Studies Highlights

ZHANG Shihu;GU Haiying

Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 10

The impact of market-oriented reform of financial institutions on agricultural loans: evidence from rural credit cooperatives’ conversion into rural commercial banks Highlights

MA Jiujie;QI Hao;WU Benjian

Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 11

Does urbanization increase the pressure of cultivated land? Evidence based on interprovincial panel data in China Highlights

GAO Yanlei;WANG Zhigang

Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 09

Cultural differences and rural population’s mobility willingness in China: from the perspective of “rice theory” Highlights


Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 10

Conditional cash transfers and rural long-term poverty reduction: international experience and China’s practice Highlights

ZHENG Xiaodong;SHANGGUAN Shuangyue;CHEN Dian;FANG Xiangming

Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 09

Value co-creation of modern agriculture from the perspectives of social mobilization and resource orchestration: a case study of the tangerine peel industry in Xinhui Highlights

ZHANG Dehai;FU Jingfang;CHEN Chao

Chinese Rural Economy,2020,No. 08