Chemical Constitutes from Root of Artocarpus styracifolius

YI Wen-fang1 PENG Jia-bing1 REN Gang1 JIANG Wei1 LIANG Jian1 YUAN Wen-jun1

(1.Research Center of Natural Resources of Chinese Medicinal Materials and Ethnic Medicine, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanchang, China 330004)

【Abstract】Objective: To study the chemical constituents from root of Artocarpus styracifolius. Methods: The constituents were isolated from the root of Artocarpus styracifolius by column chromatography over silica gel, RP-18 silica gel, MCI GEL CHP-20P, macroporous resin HP-20, Sephadex LH-20, Toyopearl HW-40C and by preparative HPLC. Their structures were elucidated by analysis of physical and chemical properties and spectral data. Results: Nine compounds were isolated and their structures were identified as p-hydroxy benzoic acid (1), syringic acid (2), 2, 4-dihydroxy benzaldehyde (3), (+)-lyoniresinol (4), 5, 5'-dimethoxysecoisolariciresinol (5), (+)-syringaresinol (6), scopoletin (7), xylarolide (8) and trans-oxyresveratrol (9). Conclusion: Compounds 2, 5, 6 and 8 are isolated from Moraceae for the first time. Compounds 1, 4 and 7 are firstly characterized in the genus Artocarpus, compounds 3 and 9 are characterized in Artocarpus styracifolius for the first time.

【Keywords】 Moraceae; Artocarpus; Lignans; Stilbene; Phenolic acids;


【Funds】 National Natural Science Foundation of China (81160509, 81360475) Science and Technology Research Project of Jiangxi Provincial Educational Department (GJJ14614) Scientific Research Plan for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Ministry of Health of Jiangxi Province (2013A029)

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CN: 44-1286/R

Vol 38, No. 05, Pages 972-974

May 2015


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  • 1 Instruments and materials
  • 2 Extraction and isolation
  • 3 Structural identification
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