Analysis of the influencing factors for international grain price fluctuations

WANG Xuezhen1 GONG Maogang1 WU Shilei1

(1.Business School, Shangdong University of Technology)

【Abstract】This paper combined supply and demand and considered influences of panic buying and the large-scale influx of hot money into the international grain market inciting a pessimistic perspective, observed the influencing factors for grain price fluctuations in various countries systematically, and analyzed the root of international grain price fluctuations. The research results showed that the influencing factors for grain price fluctuations in various countries mainly included grain price fluctuations at the early stage, fluctuations in grain supply, fluctuations in grain demand and fluctuations in hot money. Among these influencing factors, the fluctuations in the fundamental factors of the grain market, namely, fluctuations in grain supply and fluctuations in grain demand are the major reasons, and relatively speaking, the influence of fluctuations in grain supply was great.

【Keywords】 international grain prices; fluctuations; grain supply; grain demand; hot money;


【Funds】 Supported by Major Project of National Social Sciences Foundation of China (12AJY007) Young Scientists Fund of National Social Sciences Foundation of China (13CJY103)

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(Translated by TANG Weiqing)


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CN: 11-1262/F

Vol , No. 11, Pages 77-84

November 2015


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  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Composition of the influencing factors for international grain price fluctuations
  • 3 Test of the influencing factors for international grain price fluctuations
  • 4 Conclusions
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