The lock-in effect of non-portability of new rural social endowment insurance’s on rural labor mobility: an alternative for the lock-in effect of New Rural Cooperative Medical System

YU Xinliang1 SHEN Yupeng1 LI Hongbo1

(1.School of Insurance, Shandong University of Finance and Economics)

【Abstract】This study theoretically analyzed the lock-in effect of New Rural Social Endowment Insurance (NRSEI) on the rural labor migration. Data of China Labor-force Dynamics Survey (CLDS) in 2016 were used for conducting empirical tests. A comparative analysis was also carried out on the relationship between the New Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance (NRCMI) and NRSEI in terms of their lock-in effects on the rural labor migration. It was found that NRSEI reduced the migration probability of rural labor by 56.82%, and reduced the inter-town migration probability of rural labor by 58.04%. The lock-in effect of NRSEI on youth and young adults was stronger than on elderly adults. The probability that rural workers migrating out of their hometowns and becoming migrant workers was reduced by 34.03% after they joined the NRSEI scheme. In addition, for rural workers without NRSEI, NRCMI still had a certain lock-in effect on their migration. However, after rural workers joined the NRSEI scheme, the lock-in effect of NRCMI was almost completely replaced by that of NRSEI. This study showed that with the current trend characterized by accelerated new development for urbanization, it was particularly important to change the non-portability of rural endowment insurances represented by NRSEI.

【Keywords】 New Rural Social Endowment Insurance; non-portability; rural labor mobility; lock-in effect;


【Funds】 Young Scientists Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China (71804090) Youth Project of the National Social Science Fund of China (19CSH073). Special Fund for Taishan Scholar Project (tsqn20161041)

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(Translated by ZHANG Wei)


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  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Literature review
  • 3 Theoretical model
  • 4 Setting of quantitative model and data descriptions
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  • 6 Comparative analysis of lock-in effect of NRSEI and NRCMI
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