Income structure, financing constraints and agricultural insurance preference of crop producers: based on survey from crop producers in Anhui Province

YE Minghua1 WANG Rongming1

(1.School of Finance and Statistics, East China Normal University)

【Abstract】Based on grain-planting households’ survey data in Anhui Province, this paper estimates the correlation between income structure and insurance preference, financing channels after disasters and agricultural insurance preference, and then tests the significance. This paper also establishes stepwise regression model of pure agricultural and partial-agricultural crop producers. The findings are as follows. First, the impact of the structure change of agricultural income and non-agricultural income is twofold: it appears as income effect for partial-agricultural crop producers and as substitution effect for pure agriculture households. Second, the diversity of financing channels after disasters would reduce crop producers’ insurance preference. Post-disaster assistance of the government presents certain extrusion effect against insurance preference. Third, the complexity of the terms of agricultural insurance policy and actuarial pricing forms technical barriers which inhibits insurance preference for low-educated farm households. Therefore, focuses should be placed on improving the agricultural insurance system on different levels to meet the insurance needs for pure agricultural and partial-agricultural crop producers, and increasing agricultural insurance welfare effectiveness. It is necessary to establish effective collocation of various agricultural anti-disaster risk financing tools based on rural financial instructions.

【Keywords】 income structure; financing tools; agricultural insurance; crop producer;


【Funds】 National Social Science Foundation of China (No. 13&ZD161)

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    [1]. ① Because the surveyed households are mainly engaged in crop farming, this study does not take the incomes from animal farming into account. The proportion of farming income in total family income is used to classify the pure-agricultural and partial-agricultural households, and should be studied in detail. This paper tries to make a general classification criterion. The core of the criterion is to discuss the influence of the proportions of agricultural and non-agricultural incomes on the production behaviors and agricultural insurance preference of households. [^Back]


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CN: 11-1043/C

Vol , No. 06, Pages 107-117+128

December 2016


Article Outline


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Literature review on the influence of income structure and financing tools on the agricultural insurance preference
  • 3 Survey area, variable selection and data characteristics
  • 4 Analysis and comparison of the influencing factors of agricultural insurance preference for two types of crop producers
  • 5 Conclusion and policy implication
  • Footnote