Mechanism of Salvianolate injection combined with aspirin in treatment of stable angina pectoris based on biomolecules network

LI Yuan1 WANG Lian-xin1 XIE Yan-ming1

(1.Institute of Basic Research in Clinical Medicine, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science, Beijing, China 100700)

【Abstract】Biomolecular network analysis was used to predict the mechanism of Salvianolate injection combined with aspirin for the treatment of stable angina pectoris (SAP). Related genes of Salvianolate injection, aspirin and SAP were obtained from Genecards, STITCH and Dis Ge NET databases. Agilent literature search software was used to construct biomolecular network; modules were identified by AP, MCODE and MCL methods. DAVID software was used for identification of related KEGG pathways. Results showed that Salvianolate injection and aspirin had a coverage rate of 45.92%, and 62.56% respectively for SAP molecular network, and the coverage rate was 71.64% in combined use. The top 10 important nodes of SAP overlapped with Salvianolate injection and aspirin included MAPK14, MAPK8, IL-6 and IL-8. The important SAP nodes overlapped with Salvianolate injection alone included AKT1 and IFNG, and the important SAP nodes overlapped with aspirin included EPHB2 and TP53. Related SAP signaling pathways with combined Salvianolate injection and aspirin included Jak-STAT signaling pathway and MAPK signaling pathway. Related SAP signaling pathways with Salvianolate injection alone included VEGF signaling pathway and type 1 diabetes signaling pathway. Related SAP signaling pathways with aspirin alone included AA metabolism, linoleic acid metabolism signaling pathway, etc. The results showed that Salvianolate injection and aspirin combination had an enhancement effect in treatment of SAP through anti-inflammatory reaction and inhibition of atherosclerosis development; in addition, the combination use may have an additive effect through the antiplatelet aggregation, protecting endothelial cells, regulating blood lipid and regulating glucose metabolism.

【Keywords】 Salvianolate injection; aspirin; stable angina pectoris (SAP); drug combination; biomolecular network analysis; molecular mechanism;


【Funds】 Science and Technology Development Project of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing, China (JJ2014-53)

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