Clinical medication characteristics of Shuxuening injection in treatment of cerebral infarction research based on registration

JIANG Jun-jie1 XIE Yan-ming1 ZHANG Yin1 ZHANG Yi-kai2 WANG Zuo-ming3 HAN Bing3

(1.Institute of Basic Research in Clinical Medicine, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences , Beijing, China 100700)
(2.School of Statistics, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China 100872)
(3.ZBD Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Harbin, China 150060)

【Abstract】To understand the medication characteristics of Xingxue@Shuxuening solutions in the real world, multi-center, large sample-size registration design method is adopted in this study. Between October 2012 and October 2015, hospitalized patients in 27 medical institutions who used Shuxuening and diagnosed as cerebral infarction were observed, including their general information, diagnosis information and medication information. Totally 9 473 cases of cerebral infarction were included, with old people as the majority, and males were slightly more men than females; they were complicated with coronary heart disease, vertebrobasilar artery insufficiency, transient brain ischemia and other cerebrovascular diseases; the medication duration was mostly within 14 days; the dosage was mainly 8–20 mL; 0.9% NS, 5% GS were the main solvent; commonly used drug combination was Ozagrel sodium injection, Shuxuetong injection, Alprostadil injection and other medicines for inhibiting platelet aggregation and blood vessel dilatation, and Cytidine diphosphate choline injection, Edaravone injection, Oxiracetam injection and other brain protective agents. The above results indicate that the clinical medication characteristics of Shuxuening are basically consistent with the package insert, except for the solvent; combined medicine is dominated by antiplatelet drugs; for old patients, various anticoagulant drugs shall be selected according to their specific conditions to·avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions.

【Keywords】 real world; Shuxuening; drug combination;


【Funds】 National Science and Technology Major Project for Major New Drugs Innovation and Development (2015ZX09501004-001-002) Traditional Chinese Medicine Post-marketing Safety Monitoring and Report Specification Project (ZYYS-2014-03) Science and Technology Development Fund for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing (JJ2015-58) Project of Basic Scientific Research Expenses Supported by the Central Public Welfare Research Institute (Z0406)

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Vol 41, No. 24, Pages 4516-4520

December 2016


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