Advance in prevention and treatment of ischemia cardio-cerebrovascular disease through increased therapeutic angiogenesis induced by traditional Chinese medicine

GUO Hao1,2 LI Lei1,2 HOU Jin-cai1,2 LIU Jian-xun1,2

(1.Institute of Basic Medical Sciences of Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing, China 100091)
(2.Beijing Key Laboratory of Chinese Materia Pharmacology, Beijing, China 100091)
【Knowledge Link】stroke; Suwen; diabetic

【Abstract】Remaining organic and functional damage of ischemia cardio-cerebrovascular disease is always a main trouble puzzling the clinicians. After the discovery of endothelial progenitor cells( EPCs), researchers realize that postnatal angiogenesis is an important biological process,which play a key role to repair the ischemia tissue and improve the function. So a new concept which names therapeutic angiogenesis supply a new treatment way for the ischemia cardio-cerebrovascular disease. Traditional Chinese medicine( TCM) has accumulated rich experience on treating the ischemia disease,studies found that many Chinese medicine prescriptions and effective ingredients can increase the therapeutic angiogenesis, however the mechanisms were not the same,they mainly manifest in regular the secretion of angiogenic factors,increase the proliferation and differentiation etc. In this paper,we review recent studies,summary the Chinese medicine prescriptions and effective ingredients which can increase the therapeutic angiogenesis,and analyze the different pathways. We hope to provide reference for the later researchers.

【Keywords】 therapeutic angiogenesis; ischemia cardio-cerebrovascular disease;


【Funds】 Supported by National Major Research Program of Innovative Medicines Initiative (Grant No. 2012ZX09103201-049,2012ZX09301002-004)

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Vol 40, No. 01, Pages 24-28

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  • 1 TCM and TCM compounds for the prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular disease based on the promotion of therapeutic angiogenesis
  • 2 Comments and prospects
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