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Multi-index integrated evaluation of spectrum-effect relationship on immunocompetence of Radix Astragali

HONG Yan1 LIU Xiao-hua1 CHEN Ya-li1 WANG Bo1,2 CHEN Yu1 SHI Zhi-qiang1 XUE Zhi-yuan1 FENG Shi-lan1

(1.College of Pharmacy, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou , China 730000)
(2.Gansu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Central Laboratory of Technical Center, Lanzhou , China 730000)

【Abstract】The study was aimed to investigate the correlation between the immunocompetence and the fingerprints of supernatant extracts from Radix Astragali by multi-index integrated evaluation, and reveal the material basis of Radix Astragali improving the immunological function. After oral administration 10 batch of supernatant extracts from Radix Astragali on immunosuppressed mice, phagocytic index, delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) degree, organs index and the level of cytokines IFN-γ, IL-4 (ELISAs) were measured, and each common peak from HPLC-DAD/HPLC-ELSD fingerprints were correlated with the above data. A number of components in supernatant extracts of Radix Astragali display a substantial correlation with the immunocompetence.Supernatant extracts of Radix Astragali can significantly enhance immunological function on mice, which is related to various components in Radix Astragali.

【Keywords】 Radix Astragali; immunocompetence; spectrum-effect relationship; fingerprint; Radix Astragali; immunocompetence; spectrum-effect relationship; fingerprint;


【Funds】 Open Funding Project of Gansu Provincial Key Laboratory Cultivation Base of Quality and Standard of Chinese Materia Medica (ZYZL16-007) Science and Technology Planning Project of Lanzhou City (2016-3-111) Science and Technology Planning Project of Chengguan District (2016-1-5)

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May 2017


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