Prospects and issues of Sino-Japanese peaceful and friendly relations in the new era

SHEN Haitao1

(1.Northeast Asia Research Center, Jilin University, Changchun, Jilin, China 130012)

【Abstract】On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Sino-Japanese relations are facing an important realistic issue of repositioning, establishing a new strategic cooperation foundation and maintaining sustainable development. Since 2017, the Japanese government has changed its stance and actively responded to the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by the Chinese government and the initiative to promote the building of a community of common destiny. Sino-Japanese relations have experienced a comprehensive improvement trend. To build a Sino-Japanese relationship that meets the requirements of the new era, it is necessary to actively expand the common interests based on the four political documents, enhance the strategic mutual trust between China and Japan, face up to the historical and practical problems existing between China and Japan, seek common ground while reserving differences, correctly grasp the main theme and main direction of the development of Sino-Japanese relations, and push forward the development of bilateral relations. China should take the opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative to promote mutual understanding and populace communication by expanding education and humanities exchanges and folk interactions.

【Keywords】 Sino-Japanese relations in the new era; the Belt and Road Initiative; community of common destiny; people-to-people exchange; strategic mutual trust;


【Funds】 The National Social Science Fund of China (14BGJ005)

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    [1]. ① CAMPUS Asia, the abbreviation of Collective Action of Mobility Program of University Students, is a project led by the governments of China, Japan and the ROK to promote exchanges and cooperation among universities in China, Japan and the ROK, especially student mobility, available at:





    [4] Gao, H. 韩非子. Beijing: Zhonghua Book Company, (2015).




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September 2018


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