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王斌1 郑金慧1 王晓红1 赵博2 许良1 刘宗瑞1

(1.内蒙古民族大学化学化工学院, 通辽 028043)
(2.长春理工大学化学与环境工程学院, 长春 130022)

【摘要】基于功能互补原理,以稀土多酸Na9TbW10O36(TbW10)为发光功能组分、琼脂糖为成膜基质,通过溶胶–凝胶及Casting技术制备了稀土多酸柔性自支持绿光薄膜TbW10-Agarose,利用FT-IR、Raman光谱对薄膜的组成及结构进行表征,利用SEM、AFM和TEM对薄膜的厚度、表面粗糙度和微结构进行研究,考察TbW10掺杂量对薄膜透光率及发光性能的影响。在HCl/NH3刺激下,实现了TbW10-Agarose绿光薄膜可逆的化学响应荧光开关性质,利用荧光动力学方法对绿光薄膜化学响应荧光开关的响应时间及可逆性进行研究;并拓展了该绿光薄膜对HCl气体的荧光光谱检测,检出限为0.2731 mmol·L–1

【关键词】 多金属氧酸盐;刺激响应;荧光开关;薄膜传感器;


【基金资助】 国家自然科学基金(21501102,21501014); 内蒙古自治区自然科学基金(2015BS0207); 内蒙古自治区高等学校“青年科技英才支持计划”(NJYT-18-B22); 内蒙古民族大学“天然产物化学及功能分子合成自治区重点实验室”开放课题(MDK2016010);

Preparation and Chemically Responsive Luminescent Switching of the Flexible Self-supporting TbW10-Agarose Green-emission Thin Films

WANG Bin1 ZHENG Jin-Hui1 WANG Xiao-Hong1 ZHAO Bo2 XU Liang1 LIU Zong-Rui1

(1.College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities, Tongliao, China 028043)
(2.School of Chemistry & Environment Engineering, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China 130022)

【Abstract】Flexible self-supporting TbW10-Agarose composite thin films were prepared by combination of sol-gel and casting technique based on the functional complementarity between excellent green luminescence polyoxometalate TbW10 and good film-forming matrix agarose. Composition and structure of the films were characterized by FT-IR and Raman spectra. Their thickness, surface roughness and microstructure were studied by SEM, AFM and TEM, respectively. The effects of TbW10 content on the transmittance and luminescence properties were investigated. On this basis, the reversible chemically responsive luminescent switching performance of TbW10-Agarose green-emission thin film was realized under stimulation of HCl and NH3. The response time and reversibility of chemically responsive luminescent switching performance were studied by fluorescence kinetics curves. The fluorescence spectrum detection for HCl gas was achieved based on the green-emission thin film sensor with a detection limit of 0.273 1 mmol·L–1.

【Keywords】 polyoxometalates; stimuli-responsive; luminescent switch; thin film sensor;


【Funds】 National Natural Science Foundation of China (21501102, 21501014); Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia, China (2015BS0207); Program for Young Talents of Science and Technology in Universities of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (NJYT-18-B22); Open Project of Inner Mongolia Key Laboratory for the Natural Products Chemistry and Functional Molecular Synthesis (MDK2016010);

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CN: 31-1363/TQ

Vol 34, No. 08, Pages 844-850

August 2019


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  • 1 Experimental method
  • 2 Chemically responsive luminescent switching performance of TbW10-Agarose green-emission thin film
  • 3 Conclusions
  • References