An active and sound social policy direction in the new era of China

GUAN Xinping1

(1.Institute of Social Construction and Management, Nankai University )

【Abstract】In the new era, how to implement the central government’s major objective of “ensuring and improving people’s wellbeing” and sharing the fruits of development is a major issue of social policy. In regards to this, this paper analyzes the current gaps in terms of people’s wellbeing and the challenges faced by social policy, and puts forward that the objective of improving social policy is to deal with the three pairs of relations: welfare and market, state and family, and government and society. It holds that the basic principles of developing an active and sound social policy in the new era should include coordinating social policies and economic development, and insisting on doing our best and doing as we best. Finally, this paper discusses the important tasks of an active and sound social policy, analyzes the importance of concrete actions such as reasonably determining the overall welfare level, improving the equalization and fairness of social policy, optimizing the structure of social policy, strengthening the research of welfare needs and the propagation of social policy.

【Keywords】 social policy; new era; people’s wellbeing ;


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(Translated by SU Fang)


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CN: 11-1100/C

Vol 34, No. 04, Pages 31-38+242

July 2019


Article Outline


  • 1 Development and current challenges of China’s social policy after the reform and opening-up
  • 2 Objectives and main issues of China’s social policy development in the new era
  • 3 Implications and requirements of an active and sound social policy in the new era
  • 4 Key actions to promote the implementation of an active and sound social policy
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