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【摘要】新时代中国特色社会学需要坚定发展方向、回应实践需要、调整发展战略, 同时注重话语体系建设, 扩大学科影响力。话语体系作为一个学科的表征乃至组成部分, 其成熟度在很大程度上取决于学科发展的程度。构建中国特色社会学话语体系需要认清其与社会学中国化或者本土化的区别和联系, 要超越西方化与本土化。要在科学思想指导下, 以推动和引领世界社会学发展为目标, 增强回应当代世界与中国实践重大议题的能力, 提升话语影响力。加速构建中国特色社会学话语体系是一项长期的系统工程, 至少涉及指导思想、学科体系、学术体系、人才培养体系、国际交流和学者素质等多个方面。

【关键词】 新时代;中国特色社会学;话语体系;本土化;马克思主义;


Transcending westernization and localization: substance and direction of the construction of a sociological discourse with Chinese characteristics in the new era

HONG Dayong1

(1.School of Sociology and Population Studies, Renmin University of China)

【Abstract】Sociology with Chinese characteristics in the new era needs to be firm with its direction, responds to practical needs, adjusts its development strategy, pays attention to the construction of discourse and strengthens the influence of the discipline. The degree of maturity of a disciplinary discourse depends largely on the degree of the discipline’s development. The construction of sociological discourse with Chinese characteristics needs to recognize the difference and relationship between it and localization of sociology in China, in order to transcend westernization and localization of sociology. Guided by scientific thoughts, we should aim at promoting and guiding the development of sociology around the world, increasing its ability to respond to major issues, as well as increasing the influence of Chinese sociological discourse. It is a long-term systematic effort to accelerate the construction of sociological discourse with Chinese characteristics, encompassing a variety of projects, such as promoting the guiding ideology, the academic system, talent training, international exchanges and scholars’ abilities.

【Keywords】 new era ; sociology with Chinese characteristics; discourse system; localization; Marxism;


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    [1]. ① Researcher Jing once pointed out that the ancient and modern problems in China and the Western countries were fundamental and inevitable in Chinese sociology. If this problem was avoided, the so-called Chinese sociology could not be established, or even if it was established, such sociology would never have Chinese styles or Chinese manner, nor could it answer the special questions related to China (Jing, 2014). [^Back]

    [2]. ① In this regard, some scholars have carried out special studies. Among them, Researcher Jing explored the historical and cultural roots of Chinese sociology and tried to propose a conceptual system (Jing, 2017). [^Back]


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January 2018


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  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The basic connotation of the discourse system of sociology with Chinese characteristics
  • 3 Constructing a sociological discourse system with Chinese characteristics is a systematic project
  • 4 Key requirements for accelerating the development of sociology with Chinese characteristics in the new era
  • Footnote