New connotation and new action of social governance in China

LI Youmei1

(1.Shanghai University)

【Abstract】Since the 18th the Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress, many important and new progresses have been made in the construction of the social governance system and governance capacity in China. These progresses improved not only the social governance mode, but also the historical process of shaping a cooperative governance structure among the Party committee, government, and different social forces. At present, the transformation of the social governance mode in China has achieved many major breakthroughs, such as the macro institutional structure and the meso policy design, while it still needs to pay attention to the problem of the reform and innovation mechanism in practical social governance. Xi Jinping stressed in his speech on July 26th that we should continue to promote the development of the “Five-in-One” layout and to coordinate the “four overall strategic arrangements” in order to comprehensively construct well-off society. The transformation of Chinese social governance has its unique features, and it is urgent for Chinese sociology to make positive efforts to construct a new theoretical paradigm that can properly understand and explain this uniqueness.

【Keywords】 social governance; new connotation; new progress; grand action;


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CN: 11-1100/C

Vol 32, No. 06, Pages 27-34+242

November 2017


Article Outline


  • 1 The new connotation of China’s social governance since the 18th National Congress of the CPC
  • 2 Reform practice of social governance system innovation
  • 3 More attention to the deep-level challenges during social governance transformation
  • 4 Transformation of social governance models calls for new theoretical paradigm of sociology in China
  • References