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Analysis of occupational choice on influential factors of female migrants in China

HOU Jianming1 GUAN Qiao1 YANG Xiaoyi1

(1.Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Jilin University, Changchun, Province, China 130012)

【Abstract】With the deepening of reform and opening, as well as the continuous development of social economy, great changes have taken place in the scale and structure of Chinese migrant population. According to Report on China’s Migrant Population Development 2017, the scale of the whole migrant population has declined consecutively in the second year. However, the proportion of female migrants has gradually increased. In other words, more and more women have joined the groups of the migrant population and participated in social production actively, which makes great contributions to the economic and social development in all regions of China. Currently, how to solve employment of female migrants is a realistic problem in China. Based on the description of the basic characteristics of female migrants in China, this paper analyzed the main employment characteristics, and made an empirical analysis of the influencing factors of occupational choice from three aspects. In the end, this paper provides suggestions for promoting employment of Chinese female migrants, making reasonable occupational choices and making full use of female human resources.

【Keywords】 female; migrant population; employment; occupational choice;


【Funds】 General Project of National Social Science Fund of China (14BRK035)

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CN: 22-1017/C

Vol 41, No. 01, Pages 69-79

January 2019


Article Outline


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Basic characteristics of China’s female migrants
  • 3 Analysis on employment characteristics of female migrants in China
  • 4 Analysis of factors affecting occupation choices of female migrants in China
  • 5 Conclusions and discussion
  • References