Research on the development of circular economy in the context of new urbanization strategy in China

CHEN Yingzi1 WANG Yifan1

(1.Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Jilin University, Changchun, Jilin Province, China 130012)

【Abstract】New urbanization is one of the strategic tasks that need to be implemented in China, and the healthy development of urbanization is an important part of optimizing the economic development space. With the continuous development of urbanization, intensive and efficient, green circular and low carbon development will be fully integrated into the new urbanization process. In order to optimize the construction of circular economy in the new urbanization strategy in China, based on the development connotation and main evaluation of the two areas, this paper constructs the evaluation index system, which contains circular towns' construction, industrial upgrading, resource recycling and environment improvement. Combined with the relevant data from 2008 to 2013, using the entropy weight method and the linear weighted comprehensive evaluation method, we evaluate the development of new urbanization in China. Evaluation results show that new urbanization comprehensive score from 2008 to 2013 increases year by year, and the overall development is in good condition. Refinement to the four fields, China's current stage is more focused on the energy saving development of circular towns' construction and industrial upgrading. Evaluation curves of these two areas are similar, and their scores are powerfully increasing year by year. But there are still many problems in the fields of resource recycling and environment improvement: both of the evaluation curves are fluctuating, and they have no steady upward trends. In the next step of circular economy construction of new urbanization, resources recycling and pollutant reduction need to be paid more attention to, thus providing a strong support for the healthy development of new urbanization in China.

【Keywords】 new urbanization; circular economy; index system; entropy weight method;


【Funds】 The General Research Project of National Social Science Foundation of China: Theoretical and Institutional Innovation Study of “Human-Oriented Urbanization” (14BRK035)

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(Translated by SUN Yanfei)


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CN: 22-1017/C

Vol 37, No. 06, Pages 68-75

November 2015


Article Outline


  • 1 New urbanization and development of circular economy
  • 2 Construction of new urbanization development evaluation index system
  • 3 Evaluation of China’s new urbanization development level
  • 4 Conclusion and suggestion
  • References