Model and selection criterion of zonal preact grouting to prevent mine water disasters of coal floor limestone aquifer in North China type coalfield

DONG Shuning1,2,3 GUO Xiaoming1,2,3 LIU Qisheng2,3 WANG Hao2,3 NAN Shenghui2,3 ZHENG Shitian2,3 WANG Yuhang2,3

(1.China Coal Research Institute, Beijing, China 100013)
(2.Xi’an Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Corp., Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China 710077)
(3.Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Coal Mine Water Hazard Prevention and Control Technology, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China 710077)

【Abstract】The authors analyze and summarize the coal seam occurrence and hydrogeological conditions of the Carboniferous-Permian coalfields in China to promote the development of zonal preact grouting technology and establish a system of the technology to prevent mine water disasters of coal floor aquifer. With the engineering systematicity as the starting point, we focus on the three main factors of drilling conditions, grouting layer selection and drilling technology in the engineering of zonal preact grouting to prevent mine water disasters of coal floor aquifer. The model of zonal preact grouting to prevent mine water disasters of coal floor aquifer is established, which can be applied to the geological and hydrogeological conditions of the North China type coalfields. Combined with the identification of coal seam depth, water pressure on coal seam floor and structural combination of floor rock formation, the selection criteria of various governance modes are determined. Then combined with the two additional indicators of drilling patterns and grouting materials, the sub-class model of advanced zonal governance is further divided. With the practice of three major zonal preact grouting projects in the Huaibei mining area and the Hancheng mining area as examples, the selection principle and engineering application effects are analyzed. The results show that the model classification method can cover all zonal preact grouting engineering in China. The research provides guidance for the selection of the zonal preact grouting engineering models of coal seam floor aquifers and the implementation of the grouting project.

【Keywords】 North China type coalfield; Ordovician limestone; Taiyuan Formation limestone; floor water inrush; model of zonal preact grouting; grouting;


【Funds】 National Key R&D Program of China (2017YFC0804102)

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CN: 61-1155/P

Vol 48, No. 04, Pages 1-10

August 2020


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  • 1 Water-filling factors and stratigraphic structure of the coal floor
  • 2 Model division of zonal preact grouting
  • 3 Subclasses of zonal preact grouting model
  • 4 Zonal preact grouting projects
  • 5 Conclusions
  • References