Overall blueprint of information construction of PetroChina upstream business

DU Jinhu1 SHI Fugeng2 YANG Jianfeng3 ZHANG Zhonghong1 DING Jianyu1 LONG Tao4

(1.PetroChina Exploration & Production Company)
(2.PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development)
(3.BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation)
(4.Dagang Oilfield (Group) Co., Ltd. )

【Abstract】To meet the development requirements of the upstream business in the digital intelligent age, PetroChina Exploration & Production Company has carried out the top-level design of upstream business information construction. This paper analyzes the current development situation of information construction of PetroChina upstream business, the international information development trend, and the need for information technology during upstream business development. Guided by the development vision in the future, the eight expected targets are put forward to build the intelligent oil and gas fields, including forming an intelligent data ecosystem, building a first-class intelligent platform, comprehensive research on intelligent collaboration, intelligent optimization of scheme design and decision-making, intelligent control of production process, intelligent command of production and operation, lean and efficient operating management, and intelligent control of safety and environmental protection. This paper also describes the overall architecture of upstream business informatization, including business architecture, data architecture, technical architecture, application architecture, and network security architecture, as well as the corresponding work priorities and supporting measures, etc., to depict the blueprint for information construction of PetroChina upstream business.

【Keywords】 upstream business; information construction; overall blueprint; intelligent oil and gas fields; platform;


【Funds】 Key Informatization Project Invested by PetroChina (PetroChinaIT-2017-N104)

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CN: 11-5215/TE

Vol 25, No. 05, Pages 1-8

September 2020


Article Outline


  • 0 Introduction
  • 1 Current status of informatization
  • 2 Development trends towards international informatization
  • 3 Demands for informatization
  • 4 Overall blueprint
  • 5 Safeguard measures
  • 6 Conclusion
  • References