Research on optimization analysis methods of drilling investment in integrated development of shale gas

HUANG Weihe1 LIU Hai1

(1.Petro China Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development)

【Abstract】Large-scale development of shale gas in China is at the initial stage. The unscientific valuation method is a grave problem of optimization and management of drilling investment. This paper proposes a set of optimized analysis methods of drilling investment, as “integrated valuation method + standard well management”. The integrated valuation method is to establish a valuation method system for drilling engineering to meet the needs of the whole process management of oil and gas exploration and development projects. The premise is to establish unified and standardized calculation rules of bill of quantities for drilling engineering, cost composition of drilling engineering projects, and valuation standard system of the whole process of drilling engineering. Standard well management is to establish several standard well projects for scientific investment decision-making and organization of drilling production. There are six main functions. The above-mentioned methods were used in the calculation of development well investment and the optimized analysis of cost reduction and benefit increase for CNPC’s special planning for shale gas development from 2021 to 2030. This paper introduces the analysis of drilling productivity, preparation of budget quotas, rough-calculation quotas, rough-calculation indicators, estimation indicators, reference indicators, and the methods and results of drilling investment calculation.

【Keywords】 shale gas; drilling; investment; integration; standard well; bill of quantities; valuation method; valuation standard; cost reducing and benefit increase; planning;


【Funds】 National Science and Technology Major Program “Prediction of shale gas development scale and research on development mode” of China (2016ZX05037-006)

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CN: 11-5215/TE

Vol 25, No. 02, Pages 51-61

March 2020


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  • 0 Introduction
  • 1 Optimized methods for analyzing the investment on drilling engineering
  • 2 Application of the optimized method for drilling investment analysis
  • 3 Concluding remarks
  • References