Application of Pipe-roofing Method with Various Section Types in Metro Construction of Guiqiao Road Station at Saturated Soft Soil Area

ZHU Yanfei1 GUO Yan1 PAN Weiqiang1 ZHAO Xiaopeng1

(1.Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China 200032)

【Abstract】Engineers have carried out researches on how to develop and utilize underground space better and proposed the pipe roofing method with various section types. As a new underground excavation method, this method is used widely owing to its less influence on surrounding environment and controllable ground subsidence. Nevertheless, due to the high water content, high compressibility and weak self-stabilizing ability of saturated soft soil, there are few engineering cases using the pipe-roofing method in the above areas. Consequently, based on the project of Guiqiao Road station of Shanghai metro line 14, and in consideration of the characteristics of saturated soft soil, the technologies of the pipe-roofing method including pipe jacking, soil reinforcement and layered excavation inside the pipe-roof are researched. The results show that the key technologies mentioned above can ensure the sealing and connection of the pipe lock, improve the strength of the excavated soil and reduce the influence of construction on the surrounding environment.

【Keywords】 free section; pipe-roofing method; underground structure; saturated soft soil; pipe jacking; soil reinforcement; layered soil excavation;


【Funds】 Scientific Research Project of Science & Technology Commision Shanghai Municipality (17DZ1203800)

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CN: 44-1745/U

Vol 40, No. 04, Pages 552-561

April 2020


Article Outline


  • 0 Introduction
  • 1 Project overview
  • 2 Jacking technology of steel pipe
  • 3 Soil reinforcement technology applied in saturated soft soil area
  • 4 Technology of soil stratified excavation inside the pipe-roof
  • 5 Conclusions and discussion
  • References