Key Technologies and Challenges of Shenzhong Link

SONG Shenyou1 CHEN Weile1 JIN Wenliang1 XIA Fengyong1 FU Baiyong2

(1.Shenzhong Link Management Center, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China 528400)
(2.Department of Civil Engineering,Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 100084)

【Abstract】Shenzhen-Zhongshan Lind(Shenzhong Link) is another world-class cross-sea traffic project in China, integrating bridges, islands, tunnels and underwater interchange after the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. This project is faced with various challenges including complex construction conditions, design and construction of super-wide steel-shell concrete immersed tunnel, operation safety of super-wide tunnels with varying width, design and construction of offshore suspension bridge, and impacts of approaching excavation of deep foundation pits in cofferdam and east artificial island etc. The challenges faced by Shenzhong Link are sorted out. The key scientific and technical problems encountered during construction of Shenzhong Link are summarized with the principle of problem orientation, demand leading, learning from others, innovation and improvement, resources integration and efficient organization. Innovative plans are studied based on six major research projects on the key construction technology for super-wide and super-long steel-shell concrete immersed tunnel in marine conditions, the key technology of fire hazard control and intelligent traffic control in the steel-shell immersed tunnel and interchange tunnel under saturated traffic volume, the extreme actions of multiple hazards and control of safety performance for offshore large-scale bridge, the key technology of full lifecycle management and durability assurance of the cross-sea cluster project, the key technology of intelligent construction of cross-sea cluster project and the key construction technology of artificial island above fluctuating weathered rock and underwater interchange. Finally, the main research contents and innovations are presented, and the detailed implementation scheme of the innovative plans is established in this paper.

【Keywords】 Shenzhong Link; super-wide steel-shell concrete immersed tunnel; offshore suspension bridge; deep foundation pit; artificial island;


【Funds】 National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFC0809600, 2018YFC0809602)

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CN: 44-1745/U

Vol 40, No. 01, Pages 143-152

January 2020


Article Outline


  • 1 Project overview
  • 2 Main challenges during construction
  • 3 Main work in early stage
  • 4 Concepts and principles of scientific and technological innovations
  • 5 Key scientific and technical problems
  • 6 Research projects and anticipated innovations
  • 7 Concluding remarks
  • References