Characteristics of Single Resonant Nanosecond Pulse Optical Parametric Oscillator with Output Wavelength of 2.05 μm

XIE Xiaobing1,2 LI Shiguang1 ZHU Xiaolei1 ZHANG Junxuan1 DONG Yijing1,2 CHEN Weibiao1

(1.Key Laboratory of Space Laser Communication and Detection Technology, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China 201800)
(2.University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China 100049)

【Abstract】A KTP crystal extra-cavity single-resonant optical parametric oscillator (OPO) pumped by 1 064 nm single-frequency laser is reported, and the nanosecond laser pulse output with wavelength of 2.05 μm is obtained. In the plane-parallel cavity, two type II phase-matched KTP crystals are placed in walk-off-compensated mode. When the pump single pulse energy reaches 5 mJ at the repetition frequency of 400 Hz, a 2.05 μm signal laser output with the single pulse energy of 0.9 mJ is obtained, whose pulse width is about 3.7 ns, the corresponding pump-to-signal conversion efficiency is about 18%, and the beam quality factors M2 are 2.08, 3.03 in x, y directions, respectively.A KTP crystal extra-cavity single-resonant optical parametric oscillator(OPO)pumped by 1064nm single-frequency laser is reported,and the nanosecond laser pulse output with wavelength of 2.05μm is obtained.In the plane-parallel cavity,two type II phase-matched KTP crystals are placed in walk-off-compensated mode.When the pump single pulse energy reaches 5 mJ at repetition frequency of 400 Hz,a 2.05μm signal laser output with single pulse energy of 0.9 mJ is obtained,whose pulse width is about 3.7ns,the corresponding conversion efficiency is about 18%from pump light to signal light,and the beam quality factor M2are 2.08,3.03in x,y directions,respectively.

【Keywords】 nonlinear optics; optical parametric oscillator; 2 μm laser; KTP crystal;


【Funds】 National Natural Science Foundation of China (61505230)

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(Translated by LIU T)


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