Asymmetric regular sampling SPWM method based on tangent approximation algorithm

LI Wei1 LI Weibo1,2 XU Cong1 LU Yue1 CHEN Hui1

(1.School of Automation, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China 430070)
(2.Institute of Technology, Tibet University, Lasa, China 850012)

【Abstract】 Objectives In order to improve the quality of sinusoidal waveform output by the ship's high-frequency inverter charging device and reduce the CPU occupancy rate, this paper proposes a sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) method of asymmetric regular sampling based on tangent approximation. Methods According to the basic principle and calculation method of the asymmetric regular sampling SPWM method based on tangent approximation, a Matlab/Simulink simulation model is built, and then the software algorithm flow that can be used in the high-frequency inverter charging device is designed together with the actual output of the tangent approximation method. The effects are then compared and verified by experiments. Results The simulation results show that under pure resistive load and resistive inductive load, the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the load-end waveform based on the tangent approximation method is 2.12% and 2.08%, respectively, and its waveform quality is better than that of symmetric regular sampling. The experimental results show that the THD of a load-end waveform based on the tangent approximation method is significantly lower than that of the symmetric regular sampling method. When the effective value of the input line voltage is 580 V (the modulation ratio is 0.8), the quality of the output waveform is relatively optimal. Conclusions The asymmetric regular sampling SPWM method based on tangent approximation overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional symmetric regular sampling method, such as the low quality of the output waveform and high sampling frequency and high CPU occupancy rate in the traditional asymmetric regular sampling method. The research results can provide a reference for the design of high-frequency inverter charging devices on ships.

【Keywords】 electric inverter; sinusoidal pulse width modulation; regular sampling; tangent approximation;


【Funds】 Excellent Thesis Training Program for Graduate Students of Wuhan University of Technology (2018-YS-064)

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(Translated by HAN R)


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Vol 15, No. 06, Pages 46-54

December 2020


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  • 0 Introduction
  • 1 Traditional sampling methods
  • 2 Asymmetric regular sampling based on tangent approximation
  • 3 Modeling and simulation analysis
  • 4 Experimental verification
  • 5 Conclusions
  • References