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董功勋1,2 林锦达1 张松1 邓见辽1 王育竹1

(1.中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所量子光学重点实验室, 上海 201800)
(2.中国科学院大学, 北京 100049)

【摘要】在基于Ramsey作用的原子钟里, 受限于原子的相干时间及晶振的相位噪声, 自由演化时间不能太长。提出了大失谐光无破坏测量方法, 利用该方法获取了原子相位数据, 并将其反馈到微波相位上, 从而实现了原子相位反馈, 有效地延长了自由演化时间。分别从理论和实验上验证了这种周期性反馈作用的可行性。

【关键词】 原子与分子物理学;原子相位反馈;大失谐光探测;脉冲光抽运;原子钟;


【基金资助】 国家自然科学基金 (91536220, 11504393) ;

Research on Atomic Phase Feedback in Pulsed Optically Pumped Atomic Clocks

DONG Gongxun1,2 LIN Jinda1 ZHANG Song1 DENG Jianliao1 WANG Yuzhu1

(1.Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China 201800)
(2.University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China 100049)

【Abstract】In the atomic clocks based on the Ramsey process, the free evolution time cannot be very long which is limited by the coherent time of atoms and the phase noise of crystal oscillator. The non-destruction detection method with large-detuning light is proposed. The atom phase data are obtained with this method and fed back to the microwave phase, which contributes to the realization of the atomic phase feedback and the effective prolonging of the free evolution time. The feasibility of such a periodical feedback is verified by the theory and experiment, respectively.

【Keywords】 atomic and molecular physics; atomic phase feedback; large-detuning light detection; pulsed optical pumping; atomic clock;


【Funds】 National Natural Science Foundation of China (91536220, 11504393);

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July 2017


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