Mechanical Properties of High Titanium Heavy Slag Fiber-reinforced Concrete

YANG He1,2,3 LIANG Hezhi1 DIE Jian1,2 CHEN Wei2,3 WANG Wei2,3

(1.School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environment, Xihua University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China 610039)
(2.School of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Panzhihua University, Panzhihua, Sichuan, China 617000)
(3.Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Industrial Solid Wastes in Sichuan Province, Panzhihua, Sichuan, China 617000)

【Abstract】Considering the three main factors of fiber content, water–binder ratio, and fly ash content, 20 sets of specimens of high-titanium heavy-slag fiber-reinforced concrete were designed based on orthogonal experiments, and the effects of fiber content, water–binder ratio, and other factors on the mechanical properties of high titanium heavy slag (HTHS) fiber-reinforced concrete were studied by SEM. The test results show that the water–binder ratio has the greatest impact on the flexural and compressive strength of HTHS concrete. Basalt fiber can significantly increase the flexural strength of HTHS concrete, and plastic steel fiber can significantly improve the compressive strength of HTHS concrete. When the water–binder ratio is 0.32, the content of basalt fiber is 1 kg, and the content of fly ash is 5%, the flexural strength of the HTHS fiber-reinforced concrete reaches 5.61 MPa, which is 10% higher than that of the HTHS concrete without fibers. In the case of a water–binder ratio of 0.34, content of plastic steel fiber of 2 kg, and content of fly ash of 5%, the compressive strength of HTHS concrete reaches 60.45 MPa, reaching the C55 grade specified in GB50010-2010 Code for Design of Concrete Structures.

【Keywords】 high titanium heavy slag; concrete; mechanical properties; basalt fiber; steel fiber; fly ash;


【Funds】 Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory Projects (SC-FQWLY201303, SC-FQWLY-2019-Y-08)

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Vol 41, No. 02, Pages 69-74

April 2020


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