Synthesis and Mechanism of LiV3O8 Material by Solid Phase Coordination

LIU Jin1 WANG Li1 SUN Ruimin1 SHI Zhaozhong1 ZHAO Hui1 LUO Jing1

(1.Henan Key Laboratory for Advanced Silicon Carbide Materials, Kaifeng Key Laboratory of Clean Production Technology of Chemical Industry, Kaifeng University, Kaifeng, Henan, China 475004)

【Abstract】Layered lithium vanadium oxide LiV3O8 was synthesized by the solid phase coordination method, and the reaction mechanism was studied by TG-DTA and XRD. The results showed that LiV3O8 with a single phase can be obtained at 550 °C of heat treatment temperature for 24 h. The initial discharge capacity of the material reached 180 mAh/g, showing better capacity storage performance. Using the Coats-Redfern integral method and Anderson-Freeman differential method, this paper obtained that the most probable mechanism of the synthesis process was random nucleation and subsequent growth, and the reaction equation and kinetics equation were derived.

【Keywords】 lithium ion battery; LiV3O8; solid phase coordination method; synthesis kinetics;


【Funds】 Key Scientific Research Project of Colleges and Universities in Henan Province (18b480001) Kaifeng Science and Technology Development Project (1808008) Doctoral Fund of Scientific Research Fund Project in Kaifeng University (kdbs-2017-001) Student Innovation Fund Project of Kaifeng University

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Vol 41, No. 02, Pages 1-5

April 2020


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  • 0 Introduction
  • 1 Experimental section
  • 2 Results and discussion
  • 3 Kinetic mechanisms
  • 4 Conclusions
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