Changing landscape of global economy and China’s role—review of the annual conference of the China Society of World Economics in 2015

ZHANG Guangbin1 YANG Yonghua1 HAN Yun1

(1.School of Economics and Management, Yunnan Normal University)

【Abstract】How will the world economy evolve in the future? How will the Chinese economy fare and what are the challenges China faces in the financial field? What do the TPP rules mean and what are their economic implications? How much headway has China made in RMB internationalization and reform of the RMB’s exchange rate formation mechanism? In the field of world economy studies, what achievements have young and middle-aged scholars and economists on international trade, international finance, international investment and multinationals, theoretical and real-world issues in the field of world economy, open economy and China’s reality, and the Belt and Road Initiative made?


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(Translated by ZHANG Ning)

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CN: 11-3799/F

Vol , No. 01, Pages 119-145+7-8

January 2016


Article Outline


  • Review and prospects of the world economy
  • Comment on “review and prospects of the world economy”
  • World economic situation and the Belt and Road: reflections on the visit to the six countries
  • Comments on “world economic situation and the Belt and Road Initiative”
  • Fragile global financial stability
  • Financial cycle and economic development: a regional perspective
  • Comments on “fragile global finance” and “financial cycle and economic development”
  • TPP rules and their economic impacts
  • RMB Internationalization and reform of exchange rate formation mechanism
  • Summary of reports from sub-forums
  • Conclusions