Diversified and heterogeneous digital culture: the presentation and display of the digital culture of Dunhuang Grottoes

WU Jian1,2,3,4,5

(1.Cultural Relics Digitization Institute, Dunhuang Research Academy , Dunhuang, Gansu 736200)
(2.National Research Center for Conservation of Ancient Wall Paintings and Earthen Sites, Dunhuang, Gansu 736200)
(3.Key Scientific Research Base for Conservation of Ancient Wall Paintings of SACH, Dunhuang, Gansu 736200)
(4.Key Laboratory for Conservation of Ancient Wall Paintings and Earthen Sites, Dunhuang, Gansu 736200)
(5.Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310013)

【Abstract】Taking advantage of the digital presentation provided by Dunhuang Research Academy and requirements of the “Belt and Road” Initiative of cultural tourism, massive amounts of digital data documenting the Dunhuang Grottoes can now be transformed into various digitalized visual works, rendering immovable cultural relics accessible for people around the world through new methods of visual expression and new patterns of tourism. Careful organization and layout, research and design combining art and high-end technology, and virtualilty and reality combined spaces will create a brand new diversified and heterogeneous digital culture.

【Keywords】 Dunhuang Grottoes; diversity; heterogeneity; digital culture;


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(Translated by XU Xiangmei)


    [1] Wu, J. Dunhuang Research (敦煌研究), (2): 125–129, (2015).

    [2] Li, X. doctoral thesis, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, 22 (2007).

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CN: 62-1007/K

Vol , No. 01, Pages 123-127

February 2016


Article Outline


  • 0 Introduction
  • 1 Rich digital resources of grotto relics
  • 2 The work transformation of digital resources
  • 3 Cultural presentations of digital works
  • 4 Conclusions
  • References