Research on China’s promotion of the transformation of global climate governance from the perspective of a community with a shared future for humanity

SUN Yue1 YU Xiao1

(1.Northeast Asian Studies College, Jilin University)

【Abstract】With the development of human economic activities, global warming has grown up to be a serious issue faced by mankind. The international community has experienced four stages in its response to global warming and achieved phased results. However, in the post-Paris era, a series of “undoing climate” actions in the United States made the global climate governance face an unprecedented dilemma. As an emerging and responsible country, China has played a four-fold role in global climate governance. Under the new situation and new challenges, a community with a shared future for humanity advocated by China provides new ideas for global climate governance transformation, and actively promotes global climate governance transformation by providing incremental supply of international climate governance and constructing a new climate aid system.

【Keywords】 a community with a shared future for humanity; environmental community; global climate governance; greenhouse gas emission reduction; Chinese approach;


【Funds】 the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (17JJDGJW006)

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(Translated by WEN Jianxin)


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CN: 22-1180/C

Vol 28, No. 06, Pages 112-123+125

November 2019


Article Outline


  • 1 A community with a shared future for humanity and global climate governance
  • 2 Evolution of global climate governance and corresponding new challenges
  • 3 China’s actions in global climate governance
  • 4 Approaches for China to promote the transformation of global climate governance
  • Footnote