Security measures of navigation of Chinese fleets in passing through the Miyako Strait

SHI Chunlin1 LI Xiuying2

(1.School of Marxism, Dalian Maritime University)
(2.School of Foreign Languages, Dalian University of Technology)

【Abstract】The Miyako Strait is an important strait for international navigation and a key link between China’s coastal waters and the West Pacific. However, Chinese naval fleets have been wantonly intruded every time they pass through the Miyako Strait by Japanese fleets. This is not only an intrusion into the normal navigation of the Chinese navy, but also a serious threat to China’s maritime security, rights and interests. China needs to take this seriously and enforce comprehensive measures to guarantee that Chinese naval fleets can sail through the Miyako Strait safely.

【Keywords】 Miyako Strait; security guarantee; Chinese naval fleets; freedom of navigation; interference and obstruction; counter measures;


【Funds】 Project of National Social Science Foundation of China in 2016 (16BGJ031)

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(Translated by KANG Weijia)


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This Article


CN: 22-1180/C

Vol 26, No. 01, Pages 112-122+128

January 2017


Article Outline


  • 1 Manifestation of threats posed by Japan to the navigation safety of Chinese ships in Miyako Strait
  • 2 Japan’s intention of threatening the navigation safety of Chinese ships in Miyako Strait
  • 3 Measures to ensure the navigation safety of Chinese ships in Miyako Strait
  • References