Ukrainian economy in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

XU Linshi1 Ю.В. Makogon2,3 Н.В. Kurbala3

(1.Institute of Business and Economics, Harbin University of Commerce)
(2.National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)
(3.Donetsk National University, Ukraine)

【Abstract】Since the independence of Ukraine in the past 25 years, economic growth stagnation and recession is a normal performance. Political turmoil in the period of 2013-2015 and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict have brought Ukraine's socio-economic situation into an unprecedented deep crisis: the investment environment has worsened dramatically; fiscal deficits and wages have led to a sharp decline in living standards; social tension has spread. The way out of predicament is to abandon dependence on primary products export-oriented economy; to deepen and perfect privatization system reform; and to eliminate corruption and governmental interference. It is particularly important to unite the people of the eastern and western regions together to restore confidence and global prestige in order to create a favorable financial and investment environment.

【Keywords】 Ukraine; economic crisis; Russian-Ukrainian conflict; choice of improvement ;


【Funds】 Project of National Social Science Foundation of China (13BGJ015) Project of National Social Science Foundation of China (16BJL039) Project of China-Ukraine International Interschool Cooperation of Harbin University of Commerce (HCUGJ201301)

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    [1]. ① In 1987, China’s labor population was 25 times that of Ukraine, but China’s GDP aggregate was only 4.2 times that of Ukraine. In 2015, China’s GDP aggregate was nearly 80 times that of Ukraine. [^Back]

    [2]. ① The data below come from the information released by the Information Analysis Center of Security Service of Ukraine. [^Back]


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CN: 22-1180/C

Vol 26, No. 01, Pages 64-77+128

January 2017


Article Outline


  • 1 The major difficulties for Ukraine’s economic development
  • 2 Choices to break away from economic plight
  • 3 Conclusion
  • Footnote