Path of synergetic development between large-scale stadiums and cities

HAO Haiting1,2 XU Xiaomin2 YU Zuojun1 HUO Xingyan1,3

(1.Beijing Sport University, Beijing 100084)
(2.Fujian Sports Vocational Education and Technical College, Fuzhou, Fujian 350003)
(3.Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, Zigong, Sichuan 643000)

【Abstract】Since the 11th Five-Year Plan for sports undertakings and the sports industry, revitalizing the resources of stadiums and gymnasiums and innovating their operation mechanisms have been advocated and implemented. However, over the years, the progress of reform and innovation has been slow, and the contradictions cannot be fully explained and solved. Based on this, this paper explores the path in which large-scale stadiums and gymnasiums follow and integrate into national strategies, urban strategies and sports strategies and become platforms for realizing social value, outlines the meaning of the synergetic development between large-scale stadiums and cities, and analyzes the manifestations and at­tributions of the non-synergetic development between large-scale stadiums and gymnasiums and cities. The methods of literature review, field investigation, expert interview, induction and deduction of practice and theory were used in this study. This paper concludes that the synergetic development between large-scale stadiums and gymnasiums and cities can be facilitated by a variety of modes such as industrial development, space exploitation, system innovation, urban mega-events driving and overall advancement, and offers some suggestions such as top-level design, innovation of government intervention mode, construction of multiple and complex mechanisms and consolidation of guarantee basis so as to provide experience and theoretical references for the government, managers, practitioners and other relevant principals.

【Keywords】 large-scale stadiums; development of cities; synergetic development; industrial development; spatial distribution;


【Funds】 Key Project of the Special Program of the 6th National Sports Venue Survey Data of Fujian Provincial Bureau of Sports (2014A003)

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CN: 11-3785/G8

Vol 42, No. 04, Pages 42-49

April 2019


Article Outline


  • 1 Research methods
  • 2 Meaning of the synergetic development between large-scale stadiums and cities
  • 3 Manifestations and attributions of the non-synergetic development between large-scale stadiums and cities
  • 4 Paths of synergistic development between large-scale stadiums and cities
  • 5 Conclusion
  • References