The pluralism and the hierarchy of the essence of gymnastics ‍

WANG Jiantao1 SHAO Bin1,2 LIU Senlin3 ZHAO Zhongping3 OU Jun3

(1.Shanghai University of Sport, Shanghai, China 200438)
(2.Shanghai University, Shanghai, China 200444)
(3.Guangxi Normal University, Guilin, Guangxi, China 541004)

【Abstract】This paper analyzed the essence of gymnastics by the methods of literature review and statistics, aiming to solve existing problems on the definition of gymnastics and enrich its fundamental theories. It put forward that the essence of gymnastics is pluralistic and hierarchical. Following the guidance of the concept hierarchy theory, it established the hierarchy classification system of the essence of gymnastics for specific analysis, that is, the formal essence, the general essence, the special essence and the single essence. The proposal of the four-layer theory can help to solve disputes over the definitions of gymnastics and prove the scientific rationality of the pluralism and hierarchy of the essence of gymnastics. The significance of the theory are described as follows: (1) It can provide the same premise for the subject to understand the object; (2) It can promote the efficiency of the subject in grasping; (3) It is conducive to preventing logic mistakes (definitions too broad or too narrow); (4) It can help to solve the disputes that the nearby genus concept of gymnastics is monistic or pluralistic; (5) The overall grasp of the four layers of the essence of gymnastics can help the subject to achieve the unity of purposiveness and regularity in practice.

【Keywords】 gymnastics concept; gymnastics definition; gymnastics essence; gymnastics classification; pluralism; hierarchy; concept hierarchy; sports concept;


【Funds】 Doctoral dissertation of Shanghai University of Sport

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(Translated by LI Mingjiang)


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CN: 11-3785/G8

Vol 38, No. 05, Pages 39-45

May 2015


Article Outline


  • 1 Problems in the research on the definitions of gymnastics
  • 2 Theoretical foundations of pluralism and hierarchy of the essence of gymnastics
  • 3 The proposal of the hierarchical classification system of the concept of gymnastics and the four-layer theory of the essence of gymnastics
  • 4 Conclusions
  • References