Diagnosis of the First African Swine Fever in China

WANG Ying1 MIAO Faming1 CHEN Teng1 ZHOU Xintao1 LI Nan1 LYU Zongji2 ZHANG Jinyuan1 LIU Ye1 ZHANG Guojun3 ZHANG Shoufeng1 HU Rongliang1

(1.Institute of Military Veterinary Medicine, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Academy of Military Sciences, Changchun, China 130122)
(2.School of Life Science and Engineering, Foshan University, Foshan, China 528231)
(3.Jilin Heyuan Bioengineering Limited by Share Ltd., Songyuan, China 138000)
【Novelty】A systematic diagnostic study was carried out according to the epidemic characteristics, clinical manifestations, anatomical changes and pathogenic morphology of African swine fever, which first occurred in China in 2018. Furthermore, primers and probes used for PCR and real-time fluorescent PCR detection were compared.

【Abstract】A systematic diagnostic study was carried out according to the epidemic characteristics, clinical manifestations, anatomical changes, pathogenic morphology and molecular-biological characteristics of classical African swine fever (ASF), which occurred first in China. Epidemic characteristics were mainly pigs fed with food scraps and liquid waste, and were similar to those reported outside China. The clinical manifestations include fever, vomiting, skin cyanosis, constipation/diarrhea, stools with mucus/blood and other symptoms. Spleen enlargement, melanosis and fragility were the typical features of dissection, accompanied by hemorrhage in the heart, kidney, bladder, small intestine, mesenteric lymph nodes and inguinal lymph nodes. Electron microscopy revealed that the liver and spleen had virus-like particles of size 180–200 nm with multilayer envelopes. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and real-time PCR were reliable methods for a qualitative diagnosis. In conclusion, clinical manifestations are very important for the detection of African swine fever. Although the change of anatomy was not very specific, it could narrow the scope of examination and was of great importance in establishing a preliminary diagnosis (for which molecular-biology methods should be applied as soon as possible to complete the diagnosis).

【Keywords】 African swine fever (ASF) ; Suspected diagnosis; Deterministic diagnosis;


【Funds】 National Key Research and Development Plan (2017YFD0502300): Research and development of prevention and control technology for strong exotic animal diseases National Key Research and Development Plan (2017YFD0500601): Research on new technology of immunization and prevention for swine-based epidemic disease

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