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Science of Surveying and Mapping
1. BeiDou-3 launch: linear combination optimization model of BeiDou …
The launch ceremony for BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite System (BDS-3) was held on July 31 2020 a…
Research Article 丨 Aug4,2020
International Economic Review
2. Balance between stable growth and leverage stabilization: a tough…
High debt ratio has often been followed by crises or recessions, seen whether from the 800-year…
Research Article 丨 Aug4,2020
Youth Studies
3. The influence of education on facial attractiveness
Based on the baseline data of the China Family Panel Studies in 2010, the study explores the in…
Research Article 丨 Aug4,2020
Global Law Review
4. Sources of criminal law and the criminal legislation mode
The sources of criminal law is a complicated system, which develop from intangible law to tangi…
Research Article 丨 Aug4,2020
Chinese Journal of Public Health
5. Public Health Reform to Improve Epidemic Contingency Mechanism
Since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, the public health system has made impor…
Research Article 丨 Jul28,2020
Finance & Trade Economics
6. How peer effects affect students’ cognitive abilities
Equity in compulsory education includes not only the rational distribution of educational oppor…
Research Article 丨 Jul28,2020
Management World
7. Margin trading program and dynamic adjustment of corporate capita…
Based on the quasi-natural experiment of step-by-step expansion of margin trading program in Ch…
Research Article 丨 Jul28,2020
Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
8. Cessation of Smoking, Another Pandemic, by Acupuncture
With the ongoing research on pathogenic factors and influences of COVID-19 pandemic, medical au…
Research Article 丨 Jul21,2020
Chinese Journal of European Studies
9. A review of the Catalonia secession crisis in Spain
This paper aims to provide an analysis of the institutional context (including the arrangements…
Research Article 丨 Jul21,2020
West Asia and Africa
10. Evolution of modern Turkish feminist thoughts and movement
After the establishment of the modern Turkish state in 1923, the Kemal government implemented t…
Research Article 丨 Jul21,2020

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