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Journal of Natural Disasters
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  • Journal of Natural Disasters, started in 1992, publishes papers on disaster prediction and prevention, disaster risk assessment, disaster mitigation for agriculture, meteorology and city, disaster mitigation policy and management system. It also focuses on social factors of natural disasters, loss prediction of earthquake all over the world, awareness improvement on disaster prevention, the system engineering on disaster prevention and mitigation, and so on.

  • Director
    XIE Lili

    Assistant Director
    Ou Jinping, Li Youshan, Shi Peijun, Han Linhai, Xiao Yan, Zhou Xianyan, Cui Jie

    Editorial Board
    Ma Zongjin, Ma Zhiliang, Wang Lanmin, Wang Zifa, Wang Chunyi, Wang Zhenqing, Shan Chunchang, Shi Peijun, Fu Qiang, Lv D

Basic Paradigm of Risk Analysis in Flood Disaster and Its Application

HUANG Chongfu;GUOJun;AI Fuli;WU Tong

Journal of Natural Disasters,2013,Vol 22,No. 04