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Chinese Rural Economy
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Current Issue: Issue 02, 2018  

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  • Chinese Rural Economy is supervised by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and sponsored by Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It aims to focus and study the major problems that need to be solved in China’s rural reform and development, as well as the important rural policies of the CPC and the government. Its scope covers rural situation and policy analysis, the system of rural property rights, rural land problems, and transfer of human capital and labor in rural areas. It has become an important window for the world to know Chinese rural economics and Chinese rural reform and development theories. The journal is included in CSSCI.

  • Director of Editorial Board
    Zhang Xiaoshan

What leads to a tendency to plant grains in agricultural planting structure?: an empirical analysis based on the impact factors of land property rights and factors allocation

QIU Tongwei;LUO Biliang

Chinese Rural Economy,2018,No. 02

Improving the competitiveness of small farmers: agricultural policy reforms in Japan

HU Lingxiao;ZHOU Yingheng

Chinese Rural Economy,2018,No. 02

Key problems on supply-side structural reform in agriculture: government functions and market roles


Chinese Rural Economy,2018,No. 02

Relational embeddedness, alliance and institutional change of company plus smallholders pattern: an analysis based on Haiyuan mode

LI Shijie;LIU Qiong;GAO Jian

Chinese Rural Economy,2018,No. 02

The efficiency of farmers’ land contract since China’s reform and opening-up

ZHAO Deqi;JIA Hongbo

Chinese Rural Economy,2018,No. 02

The subsidy policies on fallow of farmland contaminated with heavy metals: a farmers’ choice experiment and influencing factors analysis

YU Zhenning;TAN Yongzhong;MAO Mingzhi;WU Cifang;ZHAO Yue

Chinese Rural Economy,2018,No. 02

The three-dimensional capital of new agricultural entrepreneurial talents, entrepreneurship environment and entrepreneurial performance

WANG Jieqiong;SUN Zehou

Chinese Rural Economy,2018,No. 02