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China Rural Survey
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Supervisor(s): Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Sponsor(s): Rural Development Institute Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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Current Issue: Issue 03, 2018  

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  • The journal makes deep searches on rural reformation and development and shows current condition of chinese villages in different points of view. Main readers include researchers of rural economics and theory institutes, teachers and students of higher education and people who search rural economics and social problems.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Li Zhou

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Du Zhixiong

Pastoral households’ livelihood vulnerability in the context of institutional transition: an analysis based on the “vulnerability-resilience” framework

LI Tingyu ;TAN Shuhao

China Rural Survey,2018,No. 03

Can the return of migrant workers improve the quality of life of their parents?

LI Fang;ZHAO Jingjing

China Rural Survey,2018,No. 03

How does non-farm employment affect household consumption of rural residents: from the perspectives of total consumption and consumption structure

WEN Hongxing;HAN Qing

China Rural Survey,2018,No. 03

Effects of social capital on pasturing households’ participation willingness in grassland community management: an analysis based on Triple-Hurdle model

SHI Yuxing;YAO Liuyang;ZHAO Minjuan

China Rural Survey,2018,No. 03

An analysis of the growth and evolution of farmers’ cooperatives: from the perspective of organizational ecology

ZHANG Chen ;KONG Xiangzhi

China Rural Survey,2018,No. 03

Land rights certification, property right state, and long-term agricultural investment: a re-examination based on the new round of reform

YING Ruiyao;HE Zaizhong;ZHOU Nan;ZHANG Longyao

China Rural Survey,2018,No. 03