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China Rural Survey
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Supervisor(s): Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Sponsor(s): Rural Development Institute Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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Current Issue: Issue 04, 2017  

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  • The journal makes deep searches on rural reformation and development and shows current condition of chinese villages in different points of view. Main readers include researchers of rural economics and theory institutes, teachers and students of higher education and people who search rural economics and social problems.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Li Zhou

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Du Zhixiong

Do farmland adjustments restrain the transfer of rural labor force to non-agricultural sectors?

QIU Tongwei;LUO Biliang

China Rural Survey,2017,No. 04

Why does free rent exist in rural land transfer: an empirical analysis from the perspective of rent type

CHEN Yishan;ZHONG Funing;JI Yueqing

China Rural Survey,2017,No. 04

Impacts of financial knowledge on credit default of rural households in less developed areas: a case study on Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

SUN Guanglin;LI Qinghai;LI Chengyou

China Rural Survey,2017,No. 04

Types of transactions and the governance mechanism of farmers’ specialized cooperatives

CUI Baoyu;LIU Lizhen

China Rural Survey,2017,No. 04

The effects of social capital on mental health of the Chinese rural elderly: an analysis based on survey data from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study

WEN Xingxiang;WEN Feng;YE Linxiang

China Rural Survey,2017,No. 04

The government’s policy of no land readjustment: farmers’ attitudes and land reallocation in villages: a study on farm households from five provinces in China

ZHENG Zhihao;GAO Yang

China Rural Survey,2017,No. 04