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China Rural Survey
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Current Issue: Issue 02, 2016  

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  • The journal makes deep searches on rural reformation and development and shows current condition of chinese villages in different points of view. Main readers include researchers of rural economics and theory institutes, teachers and students of higher education and people who search rural economics and social problems.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Li Zhou

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Du Zhixiong

An analysis on the factors influencing environmental behaviors of business organizations in leisure agriculture: the case of Fujian Province

LIN Xiuzhi;HUANG Xiujuan;CHEN Qiuhua

China Rural Survey,2016,No. 02

Aesthetic resources and aesthetic experience in leisure agriculture—from the perspective of the aesthetic economy


China Rural Survey,2016,No. 02

Characteristics and influencing factors of agricultural technicians’ willingness for job mobility: a case study on Hubei Province


China Rural Survey,2016,No. 02

The factors determining rural laborers’ migrant work and levels of their wages: formal education or skills training?—an empirical analysis based on the micro data from farmers in Jinhu County of Jiangsu Province

ZHAN Jintao;HUANG Hongwei

China Rural Survey,2016,No. 02

Can the Quota Management System of forest exploitation protect forest resources?—a literature review *

HE Wenjian;ZHANG Hongxiao;XU Jingwen

China Rural Survey,2016,No. 02