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China Rural Survey
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Supervisor(s): Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Sponsor(s): Rural Development Institute Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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Current Issue: Issue 01, 2016  

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  • The journal makes deep searches on rural reformation and development and shows current condition of chinese villages in different points of view. Main readers include researchers of rural economics and theory institutes, teachers and students of higher education and people who search rural economics and social problems.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Li Zhou

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Du Zhixiong

Resource endowment and farmers’ behavior of participation in social governance—an empirical analysis based on data of 1599 farm households from five provinces

ZHANG Cuie;LI Yuemei;LI Huan

China Rural Survey,2016,No. 01

State authority, market, belief and clan—an analysis from the perspective of economic sociology

DENG Hongtu;QI Xiulin

China Rural Survey,2016,No. 01

An analysis on herdsmen’s willingness for intergenerational transmission in grassland animal husbandry and its influencing factors: an investigation based on 34 Gachas of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

KONG Deshuai;HU Zhentong;JIN Leshan

China Rural Survey,2016,No. 01

Shareholding structure, credit behavior and performance of the rural commercial banks*—an example of Jiangsu Province

ZHOU Yueshu;HAN Qiao

China Rural Survey,2016,No. 01

Experience of grass roots organization and political participation: evidence from village election in China

CHEN Qianheng;WEI Wenhui

China Rural Survey,2016,No. 01