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China Rural Survey
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Current Issue: Issue 05, 2015  

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  • The journal makes deep searches on rural reformation and development and shows current condition of chinese villages in different points of view. Main readers include researchers of rural economics and theory institutes, teachers and students of higher education and people who search rural economics and social problems.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Li Zhou

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Du Zhixiong

Reconsideration on the relation between the cooperative system and collective ownership of Karl Marx and Engels


China Rural Survey,2015,No. 05

The impact of the earnings distribution on business performance of farmers’ cooperatives*—a case study of Renfa Agricultural Machinery Cooperative in Keshan County, Heilongjiang Province

ZHOU Zhen;KONG Xiangzhi

China Rural Survey,2015,No. 05

Network governance of farmers’ specialized cooperatives—based on the case study of H Cooperative in the eastern area of Hubei Province

GUAN Shan;WAN Jianghong;ZHONG Zhangbao

China Rural Survey,2015,No. 05

Organizational identification, internal social capital and cooperative member satisfaction: an empirical analysis based on 263 cooperative members in Yunnan Province

ZHANG Liangang;LIU E

China Rural Survey,2015,No. 05

The land joint stock cooperation mechanism and cooperation stability—a comparative analysis of Suzhou cooperative farms and land joint stock cooperatives

HE Anhua

China Rural Survey,2015,No. 05

Comparisons of farmer households’ willingness to collaborate on irrigation and influencing factors by region—an empirical analysis based on data of 430 farmer households from 15 provinces of China

CAI Jingjing;KE Yi

China Rural Survey,2015,No. 05

What kind of rural collective economic organization do we need?

YANG Yijie

China Rural Survey,2015,No. 05