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Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica
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Supervisor(s): The China Association for Science and Technology
Sponsor(s): Chinese Pharmaceutical Association

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Current Issue: Issue 06, 2020  

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  • Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica, Launched in July 1953, it is supervised by China Association for Science and Technology and sponsored by Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. Its editorial board is composed of 120 well-known pharmaceutical experts at home and abroad, including 9 academicians, 9 foreign member experts. It is devoted to original research articles on pharmaceutical sciences including pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacy, pharmacognosy, antibiotics, chemistry of natural products, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis. Research articles, communications, reviews and commentaries introducing new theories and technologies. Readers of Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica are mainly those involved in scientific research and those pertaining to higher education. The journal is included in CA, JST, Pж(AJ), CSCD.

  • Honorary Editor-in-Chief
    Sang Guowei;Zhou Tonghui

    Wang Xiaoliang

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Bi Kaishun;Chen Shilin
    Chen Kaixian;Ding Jian
    Guo Zongru;Jiang Jiandong
    Yang Baofeng;Yu Dequan
    Zhang Qiang;Zheng Ailian

Exploring the antiviral Chinese medicinals for the treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 based on the cytokine storm and traditional Chinese medicine theory “dampness toxin invading the lung”

ZONG Yang;YAO Wei-feng;JU Wen-zheng

Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica,2020,Vol 55,No. 06

Drug discovery for COVID-19 treatment based on drug targets

LIU Ai-lin;DU Guan-hua

Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica,2020,Vol 55,No. 06

Research progress on therapeutic drugs for coronavirus disease 2019

YANG Lu;WANG Hui-qiang;LI Yu-huan

Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica,2020,Vol 55,No. 06