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  • Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin is supervised by China Association for Science and Technology and sponsored by Chinese Pharmacological Society. The journal mainly publishes the original research reports and reviews on pharmacology. The readers of Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin mainly include research workers in pharmacological, medical and other related areas, clinical physicians, pharmacists and pharmaceutical industry technical personnel at different levels. The columns cover chiefly on original articles, reviews and lectures, experimental methodologies, research bulletins and short monographs. The journal is included in CA, JST and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Wei Wei
    Li Jun

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Lin Zhibin
    Du Guanghua
    Huang Hesheng

Sodium selenite induced human lung cancer A549 cells apoptosis through Keap1/Nrf2/ARE signaling pathway

TIAN Chong-mei;XIA Dao-zong;XING Meng-yu;GUO Lu;ZHANG Xiao-xi;ZHAO Xin-yu

Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2019,Vol 35,No. 02

miR-27a-3p inhibited synthesis of Col Ⅰ and Col Ⅲ in pulmonary fibroblasts through Wnt3a/β-catenin signaling pathway

LIU Li-jing;QIAN Hong;HU Ke;ZHANG Zi-zhen;HE Jian-bin

Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2019,Vol 35,No. 02

Inhibitory functions of SAaB on LPS-induced RAW264.7 cells via NF-κB-iNOS-NO signaling pathway

ZHONG Yan-mei;CHEN Jian-ping;CHEN Shu-ling;FENG Yi-fan;ZHONG Xun-long

Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2019,Vol 35,No. 02

Effect of lncRNA uc.48 + on liver glycogen in type 2 diabetic rats

YU Ke-hua;LI Lin;WANG Meng-ke;LIU Shuang-mei;LIANG Shang-dong

Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2019,Vol 35,No. 02

Naringenin ameliorates renal impairment by increasing 20-HETE in diabetic mice

DING Shu-mei;ZHANG Jie;QIU Hong-mei;HUANG Bo;WU Qin;JIANG Qing-song

Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2019,Vol 35,No. 02

Apoptosis of gastric cancer MGC-803 cells induced by rosmarinic acid analogue-11 by inhibiting ERK/MAPK pathway

LI Wan-ting;WEI Li-qun;LI Qing;PAN Xiao-hang;HUANG Dao-hang;GAN Jia-liang;HUANG Jun-li;TANG Shuang-yi

Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2019,Vol 35,No. 02

Correlation between up-regulated MRP1 in lung tissue of mild stable COPD mice induced by smoke and Nrf2 pathway

WU Jie;YAO Zhao-min;FANG Wei;WU Qing-qing;CAO Peng;WANG Dian-lei

Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2019,Vol 35,No. 02