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Contemporary Economy of Japan
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervisor(s): Ministry of Education of PRC
Sponsor(s): Jilin University;National Institute of Japanese Economics

6 issues per year

Current Issue: Issue 01, 2018  

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  • Contemporary Economy of Japan is supervised by Ministry of Education of PRC, and sponsored by Jilin University and All-China Japan’s Economy Association. It is the only professional academic journal which studies Japanese economic issues in China. It aims to truthfully reveal Japan’s economic development experiences, ie. technology improvement and management improvement for reference. Its scope covers all fields of Japan’s economics, including theories and policies of Japanese economic development, the trend of new technological revolution, development situation of industry, agriculture, transportation, finance and foreign trade, and the technology and measures of business management. The journal is included in CSSCI.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Pang Deliang
    Editorial Board
    Chen Zhiheng, Cheng Yongming, Cui Jian, Guan Quan, Huang Xiaoyong, Li Yutan, Liu Lizhen, Mang Jingshi, Pang Deliang, Pei Guifen, Song Lei, Tian Zhongjing, Wang Houshuang, Wu Hao, Xu Ping, Yin Xiaoping, Zhang Ji

The development path and effect analysis of Japan’s international tourism industry

JIN Xiaotong;FAN Qian

Contemporary Economy of Japan,2018,No. 01

Truth about the formation and crash of Japan’s real estate bubble

LIU Xuan

Contemporary Economy of Japan,2018,No. 01

Analysis of the mechanism and effect of NPOs’ participation in providing old-age services in Japan

ZHANG Lechuan

Contemporary Economy of Japan,2018,No. 01

The collaborative support system to promote the internationalization of medical industry in Japan

CHENG Yongming

Contemporary Economy of Japan,2018,No. 01

An analysis of development and reconstruction of Japan’s tourism resources

LIU Xiaozheng;WANG Xiuhai

Contemporary Economy of Japan,2018,No. 01