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Construction of a Salmonella typhimurium STΔ ybiH strain and its biological characteristics

PEI Fang-Ying;ZHAO Wei;WANG Tao;WANG Wen-Kui;QI Yong-Hua

Microbiology China,2020,Vol 47,No. 03

Isolation, identification and mutation breeding of Chlorella sorokiniana TX with high protein content

XIE Feng-Xing;ZHOU Ke;ZHANG Feng-Feng;ZHAO Qiong;SUN Hai-Bo;WANG Shu;ZHAO Yu-Jie

Microbiology China,2020,Vol 47,No. 03

Isolation, identification and optimization of degradation conditions of a deltamethrin-degrading strain

HU Qiong;TANG Jie;LEI Dan;WU Min;SUN Qing;ZHANG Qing

Microbiology China,2020,Vol 47,No. 03

Verticillium wilt of melon caused by Verticillium dahliae in Gansu Province, China

HE Su-Qin;WEN Zhao-Hui;BAI Bin;JING Zhuo-Qiong;LI Qing-Qing

Microbiology China,2020,Vol 47,No. 03