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Biodegradation of polyvinyl chloride by Tenebrio molitor and its intestinal microorganisms


Microbiology China,2020,Vol 47,No. 02

Breeding of high β-farnesene-producing strain by ARTP-UV combined mutation

PAN Jun-Tong;KOU Feng-Yu;LIU Rui-Yan;WANG Yi-Ran;ZHAO Hui

Microbiology China,2020,Vol 47,No. 02

Isolation and identification of antagonistic bacterial strain against Pestalotiopsis trachicarpicola

LI Shu-Ying;ZHU Tian-Hui

Microbiology China,2020,Vol 47,No. 02

Purification and characterization of Ophiocordyceps sinensis plasmin from solid culture mycelia

ZANG Wan-Ting;MEI Yu-Xia;LIANG Yun-Xiang

Microbiology China,2020,Vol 47,No. 02

Identification and biocontrol effect of antagonistic Streptomyces against postharvest Penicillium fruit rot of Phyllanthus emblica L.

ZHOU Kai-Qiang;LI Zhi-Hong;QIN Shu-Man;WU Xin-Yue;TANG Qian-Qian;WANG Zi-Ying;CHEN An-Jun;ZHANG Zhi-Qing;SHEN Guang-Hui

Microbiology China,2020,Vol 47,No. 02